Several friends came together because of common interest and love for luxury goods. Sharing stories and knowledges about the brands with each other. Because of the knowledge of each brand, the love for the brands has become stronger. In the end, we decided to share it with more people, letting everyone know that luxury is not just a symbol of status, but an affirmation of their own hard-works.
Since our launch in 2009 with small quantity of products, we've always stood for an affordable & top quality products. 
Today we're a global seller with thousands of positive reviews from our worldwide customers with close to 100% satisfaction rate.
From handbags, small leather goods, footwear, accessories to many other products we use everyday.
In Lusso Citta, we truly value our customers and believe that we are able to create a healthy relationship with everyone.
The founding principles define our unique style, we like that our style is delivering quality products in great value!
One of our principle is to deliver AUTHENTIC designer and luxury goods to customers at reasonable yet affordable prices. Lusso Citta only import products directly from brand owners or authorised dealers.
Here is another principle that we are proud of, it is: QC the products before shipping it to customer just like it is bought by your own family member or friends. Sounds silly, but we truly followed it.
Lusso Citta has a 3-step QC system:
Step 1 products are QCed before ship to Singapore.
Step 2 products are QCed before inbound when reached Singapore.
Step 3 products are double QCed before shipping to customers. (1 crew outbound and QC and1 crew QC again before packing the product)
This 3-step QC system has a beautiful record that our defective product return rate is less than 1/10,000. Wrong product shipped to customer is ZERO in 11 years of our operation.
We are still learning and improving, we are so grateful that our valued customers are with us all these years, and because of you, we grow better and stronger.
To be continued...